What can you use a Raspberry Pi For?

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What can you use a Raspberry Pi For?

This month I am going to try answer a question about “what can you use a Raspberry Pi for?”.

Well, anywhere a computer is used in conjunction with ham radio a Raspberry Pi can be used.

Whether it is APRS, D‐STAR, RTTY, ATV, PSK or a rtl‐software defined radio, only ones imagination is the limit.    Discovering the limits of this little computer has been difficult.  As I have researched this little machine I have found that the  available free shareware is nearly endless.  The main point of this machine was to enlist interest in the fun of electronics and computer programming.  The interest was explosive.

There are many add‐on boards that can be purchased for the Pi.  The cost of these add‐on boards can be quite expensive. But they can give the Pi some very powerful attributes. Such as GPS or GMRS, soundcards, even a high quality DAC  audio.  The Pi can be equipped with touchscreens, smaller displays, epaper, HATs, cameras and plates.

I hope this has answered a few questions about what the Raspberry Pi can be used for.  I have several projects underway using the Pi.

  • The first is a reprogramming of a Homeseer HomeTroller Zee S2. This Raspberry Pi uses a z‐wave interface to communicate with devices in my home.
  • The second is I am attempting to assemble a soundcard interface to be used for APRS weather station information relay using a Raspberry Pi 0.



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